I’ve found the best hairstyle for fine or thin hair – and it air dries with loads of volume and looks stylish and cute | The Sun
26th August 2023

A HAIR expert has revealed the best hairstyle for people with thin or fine hair. 

And the best part is it’s low maintenance so you won't spend hours in the morning styling your hair. 

Annabelle Hooper shared her recommendation in a TikTok video online. 

The hair pro said she had thin hair, this meant it was very malleable and lay flat easily. 

She said: “If you have fine, thinner hair like me, and your hair blow dries easily, and it lays straight easily.”

Despite this Anabelle wanted a fuller look for her hair. 

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She said: “You want to look like you have a lot of hair and look like you have intentionally styled hair.”

The hair expert confessed the only hairstyle that made her hair look full without a lot of maintenance was getting a bob. 

She said: “Cut your hair short.”

Annabelle claims: “I literally wash my hair, let it air dry.”

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“Barely took a little round brush to it, and it just looks so stylish and so cute.”

The hair pro added it may not work for everyone depending on their hair texture but it definitely did for her.


She said: “I can't speak for other textures, but, like, the girlies know the vibes. These are the vibes.”

Annabelle’s video racked up over 60,000 views online. 

Many agreed with the hair pro saying they transformed once they decided to cut it short. 

One user said: “You are so right.”

Another said: “So true! My hair looked amazing in a bob.”

But many viewers said they just couldn’t rock short hair no matter how much they tried. 

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