Is this £99 LBD officially the dress of summer?
28th July 2022

Written by Naomi May

According to TikTok, this simple – but forever – LBD (that’s Long Black Dress, to you and I) is about to hit the big time. 

The complications of 2022 just keep racking up. The weather’s hitting all-time highs of 40°C; our country’s political institutions are in dire straits, and next week, Love Island will conclude its eighth series, which raises the question: whatever shall we do next?

The latest complication to add to the pile may seem less pressing, but it’s no less pertinent: what on earth do people wear in this sort of heat?

The inner-city heat is entirely different to the heat experienced on the coast or even in the countryside; this is the sort of sweltering, sticky and all-consuming heat that eats you up and leaves your skin unable to breathe. 

The sartorial silver lining to these weather complications is that dresses in all of their myriad forms are beckoned to the fashion forefront. And there’s one dress in particular that seems to be gaining some serious momentum.

The Strappy Plunge Corset maxi dress, courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch, which also comes in a burnt terracotta and a minimal blue floral, has been praised by TikTok users across the board for its versatility and classic silhouette, and it seems to be, well, just about everywhere on the video-sharing app. 

Is this black Abercrombie & Fitch dress the dress of summer?

One specific TikTok user is being credited with propelling the black dress into the stratosphere of virtual popularity, and she goes by the handle of @californiaistoocasual. She describes herself as a “California mum who thinks Lululemon and Patagonia is not the vibe” and her TikTok feed is awash with, you guessed it, pared-back strappy black dresses. 

It’s not just because of its impossibly chic LBDs that Abercrombie & Fitch is becoming ubiquitous on TikTok, where its tag alone has amassed more than 50 million views. The brand has been revered in recent years for its commitment to making denim more sustainable and inclusively sized, and TikTok is a reflection of that, with users heaping praise upon its fitted and high-quality jeans.

Shop the Abercrombie & Fitch Strappy Plunge Corset maxi dress, £99, here.

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