Is PLT's 'up to 100% off' Black Friday offer worth shopping?
26th November 2021

As you browse the internet today, you’ll likely see a lot of discounts. But probably none as big as the one advertised on PrettyLittleThing.

The clothing brand announced their Black Friday promotion this morning, claiming customers could get ‘up to 100% off’ their items.

Despite last year’s Black Friday sale (which saw clothes on sale for pennies) causing backlash, the Boohoo Group retailer has gone one step further for 2021.

‘100%?! YASS WE WENT THERE,’ read the announcement email, with PLT adding, ‘New lines droppin’ every hour plus you can pay later in 3 instalments with Klarna. Please spend responsibly.’

Spending responsibly can elude many of us during Black Friday. Research from Moneysupermarket revealed Brits are set to spend around £400 each on the day, and that almost 40% of us expect to use credits cards or buy now pay later for these purchases.

But debt is no joke. While it’s absolutely fine to have a little splurge in the sales (as long as you can afford it) you should avoid getting trigger happy on the ‘add to basket’ button.

Do your research and try not to buy things for the sake of it, which will save you any delivery day regrets.

We’ve taken a look at PLT’s deal to see if it’s as good as it appears, so you’re not sucked in by big numbers and can shop with a clear head.

PLT’s Black Friday promotion

In a nutshell, PrettyLittleThing is having a Black Friday sale where items can be discounted by up to 100%.

You read that right, and it’s not a typo. 100% off means you could bag selected pieces free of charge.

There is a small catch; the freebie items have limited stock, with new lines added to the promotion every hour. They’re also limited to one per customer, so you can’t hoard or buy to resell.

This morning we’ve seen some Plus Size Light Wash Extreme Rip Mom Jeans in the offer at £0, as well as a Camel Ruched Lace Up Shirt Dress, Black Crinkle Woven Long Sleeve Maxi Dress, and White PU Velcro Sandals.

Fully-discounted items will continue to pop up throughout the day, typically selling out quickly after release.

Elsewhere in the PLT sale, you’re looking at anything from 20% to 80%+ off the RRP. Swimwear, underwear, and accessories can be found for the £2 mark, while dresses, tops, and bottoms start from there and go up to the hundreds (for premium pieces).

Is it a good deal?

It all depends on what you consider a good deal. Free clothes will undoubtedly be a win for many, but they’re only technically ‘free’ if you don’t spend anything else on the side.

For example, the delivery cost is £1.99, and we’re all guilty of ‘making up’ a bag to justify the shipping price.

Then there’s the availability. The 100% off pieces are limited, and what we’ve seen so far is that they sell out minutes after dropping on the PLT site.

These promotions are sometimes known as ‘loss leaders’, when selected products are sold below market cost to draw in customers to buy other, more profitable products. Essentially, you come for the free dress and end up spending £50 on other bits you spotted along the way.

PrettyLittleThing isn’t unique in using the technique, and their Black Friday sale is ideal if you actually want and can afford what you buy. It’s the mindless shopping that goes alongside bargain hunting you should watch out for.

Different products will have different pros and cons – including in an ethical sense based on their manufacture – so weigh these up before you hit checkout.

From the material it’s made with to the amount of wear you’ll get out of it, you can assess whether the item in your basket is worth it for you.

How to get the best savings in the PLT sale

If you’ve decided it’s the Black Friday bonanza for you, here’s how to spot the best PLT deals:

  • Use the ‘price low to high’ function to sort items and see what’s available for £0.
  • Go straight to the categories you’d normally go to, or to those you actually need clothes from. People often overspend when ‘browsing the aisles’, so avoid the digital equivalent and look only for what you’ll actually use or like.
  • When filtering product categories, unchecking low-value items (like swimwear, jewellery, or accessories) can give you a clearer picture. Keep ‘price low to high’ on while doing this, so you can spot heavily reduced clothing and shoes first up.
  • Use moneysaving apps like Honey to get alerts for additional coupons or promotions.
  • Keep an eye on PLT’s Twitter account. The brand is holding a £10,000 cash giveaway on the platform, but will also update followers on any standout promotions.’s Black Friday shopping sense check

We love to bring you the best available bargains for Black Friday, but don’t want you to go into debt or suffer financial hardship as a result.

When shopping the sales, ask yourself these questions to ensure you’re buying smart:

  • Do I need this? If your cooker has broken and needs replaced, this would be an essential purpose, while a new smoothie maker or air fryer is a desire not a need.
  • Can I afford this? If you need to put something on credit – or put off essential spending to purchase it – you can’t afford it. If it’s a ‘want’ purchase, that means you should avoid. If it’s a ‘need’ purchase, look for the most affordable option.
  • Am I buying for the sake of it? Whether it’s a gift or something for yourself, consider if you’re buying just to take advantage of discounts. For the environment and your bank balance, try to buy with intention. This could mean fewer, better quality garments you actually love (instead of throwaway trend-led fashion), or only buying gifts you know will be treasured, rather than disposable trinkets.

Get further advice on debt and money from Citizen’s Advice.

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