I'm the world's hottest grandma and never wear a bra – men are so busy staring at me, they walk into doors | The Sun
6th March 2023

A MODEL dubbed 'world's hottest grandma has told how men walk into doors when they realise she’s not wearing a bra.

Social media superstar Gina Stewart, 52, hates wearing the lacy lingerie but enjoys seeing the reactions she gets from lads and ladies alike.

The Aussie stunner, who has a four-year-old granddaughter and four kids of her own, doesn’t understand why people would have a problem with a busty woman going braless.

She says: “The truth is I barely ever wear a bra.

“I never wear a bra at home around the house, in fact I barely ever wear a bra anywhere.

“I literally go out in public all the time without one.

“I do get some cheeky comments from guys saying ‘it’s a bit nipply today’ especially when it’s cold and occasionally men lose concentration or stare at my chest when talking to me.

“Or they walk into objects and suddenly become accident prone. It’s actually hilarious and funny what boobs can do to men and women.

“Women often react differently by clutching onto their partner.”

Gina, who rose to fame in 2018 when she made it to the finals of Maxim's Finest Australia contest, adds: “The simple fact is I find bras extremely uncomfortable and hate wearing them, I feel like I’m in a straight jacket.

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“Also bras restrict the blood flow and I feel are unhealthy just because of that, sweating in bras can cause rashes and skin problems.

“I get none of those things now that I don’t wear them.

“I also find my chest, just like a man’s chest, responds well to exercise and muscles are good support.

“Studies have proven that breasts are healthier without a bra.

“Men can go topless at the beach and they have nipples too so what’s the big deal?

“I guess as women get older they get judged for letting it all hang out.

“I think it all depends as some woman are larger up top or unfortunately have a lot of sagging and I think that can contribute to people judging or finding no bra wearing distasteful.”

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