I'm the world's biggest cheapskate – my family reuse toilet roll because I refuse to spend money when I don't have to
28th January 2022

A MUM has revealed how she has created her own REUSABLE toilet paper because she refuses to go into debt by buying loo roll.

Instead, self-confessed cheapskate Angela Coffman from Kansas City, Missouri, cuts scraps of cloth for her family to use to clean themselves that she then washes and reuses again.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Angela said: “We have a little bin underneath the basket that holds the little toilet wipes where we put them so we can wash them later.

“Buying toilet paper just doesn’t do anything for me. 

“As a middle class family that makes a good income I shouldn’t have to go into debt to buy toilet paper.

“All of our cloth wipes that we have in the house we’ve been using them for more than five years.

“Using cloth toilet paper saves us over $20 a month, over a year that adds up to $240.”

However, not everyone is convinced by Angela’s unusual method.

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“I had one person say she couldn’t ‘contaminate her washing machine’,” she said.

“I just had to laugh because if you know anything about bacteria, there’s no way it can survive those harsh conditions.

“So contamination is not an issue at all.”

But it wasn’t just Angela’s friends who have expressed concern over the swap, with her husband taking some persuading.

He added: “When Angela first suggested the idea of cloth toilet paper I was a little skeptical.

“But now I’ve got used to it, it’s more comforting to have something solid on your hand than the paper stuff.”


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