I’m super-sized & love dancing around in tiny bikinis – haters say I'm lying to myself that I’m beautiful…they’re wrong | The Sun
3rd March 2023

A WOMAN who loves showing off her curves in tiny bikinis has hit back at haters who say she's lying to herself about being beautiful.

Kelli took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself dancing around wearing a teeny blue two-piece, as she lip-synced along to Regina Spektor's Folding Chair song.

"I've got a perfect body…" she pretended to sing while jigging around in the skimpy swimwear.

"Idc what you haters say," she captioned her video, adding hashtags including #plussize #fattiktok #ssbbwsslovers #ssbbws #bodypositivity #fattok #fatgirlsummer #fatgirlapreciation #loveyourself

A SSBBW is a Super-Sized Big, Beautiful Woman, who typically weighs over 28.5 stone.

Despite Kelli insisting she doesn't care about trolls, the comments section of her video was quickly filled with remarks slamming her body confidence.

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"Keep lying to yourself, one day you will regret everything," one wrote.

"This isn't about body positivity anymore," another added.

"come on now pls," a third commented.

While someone else wrote: "I’m sorry but our bodies are not meant to be like this.

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"It's great to feel proud but still this is called obesity and it’s literally a disease."

"Okay I get body positive but this is too far and is just encouraging an unhealthy life style that will lead to medical issues and even death," another added.

However, others praised her for her body confidence, with one writing: "Hello gorgeous! Ignore the haters.

"People that hate themselves take it out on others. Keep being your amazing self."

"Fatphobia is the real killer here," another added.

"You are a stunning star and please keep your twinkle even when the world tells you not to."

As a third commented: "Let her live her own life, it's her choice how she looks, how she feels.

"I think its great that she is happy in her own body."

"If i did that bc im skinny, youd call me a hater too," someone else wrote.

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To which Kelli replied: "No I wouldn’t. I don’t body shame-people.

"So go for it. I would never shame someone for their body or appearance."

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