I'm rich and pregnant – my gender reveal brought me another 'baby,' people ask which I'm more excited about | The Sun
18th August 2023

WHILE most gender reveals involve funfetti cakes or powder streamers, one mom-to-be took hers to the next level.

She left viewers both shocked and envious when she shared the gift that came with her reveal.

Posting to a luxury bag account (@luxedujour), a wealthy couple showed off their over-the-top style.

“How rich people do gender reveals,” the video began.

Friends and family in attendance did a “three, two, one” countdown while the expecting mom and her partner held a classic orange Hermes box.

When it was go time, she opened it up to reveal a pink Birkin bag, which typically retails for over $20,000.

Decked out in a silk dress, dangling earrings, and heels, the high-end style queen now had a new purse to go with her look.

She jumped up and down, holding one hand over her mouth in shock as she used the other to tightly grip the chic accessory, leading one person to comment that the bag was really "the baby" here.

“The only way bag addicts want to do gender reveals,” the caption read.

The exchange led viewers to question the meaning behind her excitement and express their thoughts on the costly reveal party.

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“Was she happy because she’s having a girl or happy because she got this gorgeous bag?” one person wondered.

“Oh geez! I’d be pregnant every year if this is the kind of gender reveal I was doing,” admitted another.

“Okay someone tell my husband I need this,” a third wished, with a fourth echoing, "I deserve this.”

And someone else just said it reminded them of their very different reality: “The amount of poor I felt watching this.”

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