I’m pregnant and dating – it’s nerve-racking but I’m not with the baby’s dad… how men react says a lot about them | The Sun
26th August 2023

A PREGNANT singleton has revealed what it's like dating online when you're expecting a baby – and which app she prefers.

Fellow singletons will know that online dating can be a nightmare – but what is the experience like when you're pregnant and due to give birth any time soon?

Well, here to spill the beans on all things relationship is mum-to-be Megan Dowling, who took to TikTok to share one interaction she had on Hinge.

When she got to creating her dating profile, Megan said she only included snaps of her face and hid any full-body photos with her bump.

However, her bio also states that she has children, the mum-to-be explained in the video, adding that ''eventually they will ask''.

After exchanging messages with a potential would-be Romeo, the guy ''finally asked'' the question – and initially Megan was anxious to respond for a while.

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'' […] I know this is a lot and probably super weird and unconventional, totally understand if you're not interested anymore.

''But I'm actually pregnant,'' read her response.

''Obviously not with father, I've just kind of been testing the waters of dating which is strange, fully aware.''

But much to her surprise, the hopeful romantic she had matched with sent a reply she didn't expect.

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Rather than unmatching or ghosting her, the Romeo said: ''I'm super open-minded Megan and congrats! That's a blessing.''

Not only was he a ''blessing'' in her eyes, Megan also later learnt that the bloke was a father-of-two himself and called their mum ''amazing''.


''So that's how I told him,'' she added, explaining that it's just one of the very few positive experiences.

''It's not always like that, I honestly very rarely use Hinge. Typically I'm on Instagram.

''But then it can kind of get weird, I can get some strange messages.''

Sharing her thoughts on dating, Megan reckoned that Hinge was probably the best option ''just because you can talk to them as you and it's not just about you being pregnant''.

The blonde stunner also urged fellow singletons to not hide the fact they're expecting a baby.

''Just be open, be honest. You never know what their response is going to be.''

The video soon racked up thousands of views, as people raced to comments to share their thoughts.

Many praised the man, with one saying: ''Green flag! He speaks highly of his kids mom.''

A second agreed: ''The fact he called his childrens mother amazing is a MAJOR GREEN FLAG [sic]!!!''

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''He seems so emotionally intelligent!'' someone else added.

Another chimed in: ''Good for you. on tinder my bio states “if you’re not ready to be a step dad don’t swipe right” & then I say I have a 1 month old.''

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