I’m plus-size with big boobs and still go bra-free – my girls look amazing and lifted with a simple tip | The Sun
23rd February 2023

A PLUS-SIZE woman with big boobs has discovered a hack that means she can finally sign up for the bra-free club.

It's not an option ordinarily open to large-breasted women who have to put up with extra bounce factor when there's no chest support.

But big-breasted TikToker Maddie Touma’s (@taddiemouma)tried out a new tip and she was delighted with the results and her girls looked amazing.

The plus-sizer regularly posts messages of body positivity and self-affirmation to her 264,000 followers, who love her size confidence.

Her recent 'ditch the bra' post attracted a lot of interest.

“How I go braless with a large chest,” she said.

She wore loose grey trousers and a midriff top and no bra, to demonstrate how she looks with no support.

But then Maddie tried out Brassy Bra, adhesive tape that both lifted and gave her a natural-looking bust line for only $39.76.

There was no sagging and she was thrilled.

“Look at that support,” she said. “But how amazing does this look under my shirt.”

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Maddie continued: "It looks like I’m wearing an actual push-up bra."

She tried it out with several outfits, including a silky dress with cutouts, and a clinging orange dress, and the results were the same.

Miraculous and firm hold.

“I’m seriously so impressed with the lift that it gives me," she said and went on to describe it as a: "Game changer for me. No more bras.”

Fans were eager to know where they could get a set: “How do I get to purchase one?” asked one.

“Thanks so much for sharing," was the grateful response from one.

“Oh wow, thanks so much," gushed another.

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