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7th September 2023

A WOMAN who was mum-shamed for putting her two-month-old baby into nursery has insisted she doesn't feel guilty about her decision.

Nika caused controversy with a video of her dropping her tot off at the childcare centre, and appeared – in that clip – to be finding the transition difficult.

"It's still not too late to go back, we can turn around," she said to her other half while cradling her daughter close.

She was then shown handing over the baby to the nursery worker, before apparently struggling to control her emotions as she muttered to her husband: "Let's just go, let's just go".

In the next TikTok, her husband asked her how she felt after dropping their baby off.

"So, you just dropped your second baby off at daycare, and this is way earlier than before, at her age, how do you feel girl?" he said.

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Nika was seen with her head down and appeared to be pondering something as she suddenly looked up, grinned and said: "We're free!"

"Yeah!" her husband exclaimed, before Nika said: "Wanna go have breakfast?"

"Let's go have some breakfast. Feeling good? Let's do it," he replied.

In the caption for that video, Nika addressed some of the rude comments she'd received for starting her baby's nursery journey so early.

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"Got alot of hate on my last video for leaving my 2 month old at daycare so I could go back to work and have extra time to get things done that would be difficult with a newborn," she wrote.

"Instead of replying to any of the negativity, I’ll stand with the other mamas that make the difficult choice to leave their littles at daycare with people they trust.

"And God forbid, we burnt out mamas feel some relief am i right?!

"P.S. My husband took me out for our first breakfast date in FOREVER before diving into work and it felt AMAZING!

"I was able to eat with BOTH HANDS YA’LL!

"As you can see in this video, I was waiting for the grief to sink in like it did with my toddler but this time… I just felt freedom.

"Freedom to do what I need to do to keep my family and babies happy, healthy, and whole.

"So if that upsets you, maybe I’m not the page for you. Because here, you won’t find judgement.

"Here, you’ll find a safe space to be whatever and whoever you need to be to be the best mama for your sweet babies."

Nika did address one of the troll comments she'd received in another video though.

"Your a horrible mother," the comment read.

"Nobody, nof**kingbody drops 2-month-old baby in nursery. Don't be a mother please."

"You guys, I didn't want to have to call this out but I am shocked, nay, dismayed," Nika hilariously began.

"If you're gonna comment something like this on my page, use the correct grammar.

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"It's YOU'RE!"

Nika lives in America, where maternity leave is typically 12 weeks, but can be as short as 6 weeks.

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