I’m midsize at a 16 but people never believe me… until they see my body without any clothes | The Sun
23rd February 2023

A GYM fan has been left confused at follower who have tried to argue she is not midsized. 

Mia Latimer shared workout and lifestyle videos online, she’s in the firm belief that she is classed as midsize. 

The creator made a TikTok video responding to one commenter who said: “You're not midsize.”

She said: “I get this a lot on a lot of my videos but I know that I look skinny, but, like…”

Mia explained she received similar comments often and believed it was because with clothes on you could not really tell what size she was. 

She said: “I don't even think I look skinny, you guys."

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Mia took off her jumper to show her stomach. 

She said: “Like, I have this [larger stomach]. What is this?”

She continued: “Me literally getting naked in my front office?”

Mia confirmed: “I'm not skinny.”

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She said: “ I would consider this midsize. Midsize is between size 10 and size 16?”

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The gym fan confirmed she was a size 16 in clothes.

She said: “ I am a size 16. I am midsize. Okay.”

Mia said she weighed 200 lbs and was 5 ft 8 inches tall. 

She said: “I know in certain positions I look really good, but, that doesn't change that I'm not a 5ft 8, 200lb woman.”

She asked: “Like, if I'm not mid size, what am I?”

Mia’s video gained over 49,000 views. 

Viewers debated whether or not the creator was midsize with most agreeing with the gym fan. 

One user said: “BESTIE I HAVE THE EXACT SAME BODY TYPE i literally never see it on social media thank you for this!!!”

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Another said: “No you got it right, straight definition on midsize. They trippin.”

A third viewer said: “DEF midsize. I’m 5’7” and 200 lbs and we looks VERY similar.”

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