I'm in the 'no bra club' – the guy I was dating didn't realize and made an awkward mistake | The Sun
29th May 2023

A WOMAN in the no-bra club has revealed her ex-boyfriend's mistake that put doubts in her head.

The guy she was dating didn't realize she preferred to go braless more often than not, and he should have known better.

Beka Kerridge (@bekskerridge) was stunned when her ex-boyfriend questioned her.

She posted a video to relay the interaction and her thought process afterward.

If she didn't trust him before, she wasn't going to after he said this.

"Babe, you left your bra at mine," Beka's ex said.

The blonde-haired woman looked at her screen, confused by the message.

She turned her head and replied: "Well, that's definitely not mine."

At the same time, the video's sound mimicked her worst fears based on the fact that her ex-boyfriend had someone else's bra in his room.

The song sang: "Who do you f**k in the city when I'm not there?"

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In the end, her ex's ridiculous message made her laugh.

She wondered how he couldn't tell she was a self-proclaimed member of the no-bra club.

Women related to Beka's video, admitting this would happen to them.

Multiple TikTok users tagged their friends and commented "me" on the post.

An amused woman said: "Why is this me?"

Other viewers complimented Beka's look.

"Beautiful eyes," a sweet fan wrote.

Another kind individual remarked: "You're stunning."

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