I'm going on vacation with my husband's family but only own dental floss bikinis – I guess they can’t get rid of me now | The Sun
8th June 2023

ONE worried wife has concluded that her swimwear isn't family-friendly like she needs for an upcoming vacation.

The woman's dental floss bikinis won't cut it for a trip with her husband's relatives.

Kayla Djukic (@kayladjukic) started to worry in her recent video.

She stood in front of her empty suitcases with a handful of cheeky bikinis.

Her swimsuit collection was perfect for a day at the beach with her husband, but not if his parents were there.

"When you're going on a beach vacation with your husband's family and only own dental floss bikinis," Kayla said.


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She went through each bikini bottom in her hand.

The concerned wife was holding a red, a purple, and two blue ones.

All of which seemed skimpy based on the lack of material.

Kayla shrugged her shoulders and roller her eyes. There was nothing she could do about her style situation.

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"We're married, so I guess they can't get rid of me now," she admitted.

Some viewers found Kayla's position amusing, while others assured her the cheeky bottoms weren't a big deal.

"Oh my god," one woman commented.

Another TikTok user wrote: "Laugh my a** off."

"Lol, my wife was so shy at first, but now she can't go back to full diaper bikinis anymore," an honest husband commented.

Kayla's social media page usually focuses on her fitness regimens and features her gym days.

She prides herself on "lifting heavy things and living a balanced life."

But Kayla also encourages her followers to do the same and works with individuals as an online coach.

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