I'm freeing the tatas – if you see people's nipples through their shirt mind your business, we all have them | The Sun
28th March 2023

A PROUD member of the no bra club has reminded people how to react when they see a woman without a bra.

Many women are choosing to go without the undergarment as they choose comfort and self-confidence over societal norms and concerns.

The tag #nobra has been viewed on TikTok more than 550million times.

Now, Tiktoker Rashae (@shaebaee6) has added to the masses of content as she vows to "free the tatas."

In a video, she posed braless in black tank top and floral pants to send viewers a "reminder."

She said: "This is your reminder that if you ever see someone's nipples through their shirt, it's because we all have them!"

The text to the video added: "Free the b*****"

In the caption, she wrote: "Everyone has them #freethetatas #nobra."

The video with over 5,000 views has a number of comments from viewers including one agreeing saying, "exactly."

Another added: "Beautiful natural beauty, freedom is allowed."

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The 27-year-old regularly posts content about her life including her struggled with motherhood and postpartum depression.

In one video, she explained how "postpartum is so real" after the birth of her second son.

In the clip the text read: "Realizing your life has changed completely the last year and you're not really living you're just trying to survive each day."

Looking close to tears, she re-enacted someone asking her if she is okay before distractedly saying: "Hmm? I'm fine."

Viewers sent their love and hugs to the struggling mother.

Rashae lost her mother to cancer before the birth of her second child and has posted a number of videos about her grief.

In a video the Tiktoker from Utah smiles while carrying her newborn and the text says: "I wish you got to meet your new grandkid every single day."

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