I'm Britain's richest dad – I bought my 'spoilt' girls £600k flats & for Christmas they’re getting Balenciaga & Gucci
17th November 2021

WE all know Barrie Drewitt-Barlow isn't shy when it comes to splashing the cash on his SIX kids.

Now, the multi-millionaire has revealed he's starting his Christmas shopping early and of course, it's Gucci and Balenciaga all round.

He openly calls his daughters spoilt and doesn't think twice when buying them whatever they desire, from lavish gifts like Faberge rings and entire flats in his hometown.

Barrie, 51, shared the designer Christmas presents on Instagram, saying: "So the NEW Gucci-Balenciaga collaboration happened today! Two fav brands teaming up make Xmas so special!"

He has a combined wealth of £40 million which he shares with his ex-partner and prides himself on never denying his children anything.

Barrie makes a lot of his money investing, in bitcoin, in art, his surrogacy agency, selling poodles and various other lucrative ventures that have allowed him to give his children the life he wanted.

He even organised clinical vaccine trials for coronavirus which have all contributed to him earning £14 million in a year.


Barrie and his ex-husband Tony Drewitt-Barlow, 56, were the first gay men in the UK to have children through a surrogate mum, born in 1999.

Twins Saffron and Aspen, 22, have been spoilt since birth, as Barrie "felt [he] needed to make up for the fact they don’t have a mother in their lives."

When Saffron was born he gave her a diamond and ruby ring once owned by Wallis Simpson that was worth $700,000 (£500,000.)

After splitting from Tony, Barrie found love with Scott, 27, Saffron's ex-boyfriend.

Barrie and Scott now raise their six kids together between Manchester, where Barrie is from, and Florida where they live in a 10-bedroom mansion.

They have Orlando, 17, as the teenager of the family as well as 11-year-old twins Dallas and Jasper.

Their youngest, Valentina, born in September 2020, follows the trend of being spoilt young and has a wardrobe worth around $100,000 (£70,000) full of enviable designer goods, but all in tiny baby sizes.

They also bought Valentina something all one year olds need – a £600k flat – for her milestone birthday.

For her first birthday, Valentina's parents bought her a posh flat in new development Manchester New Square.

Barrie told Fabulous: "I bought her an apartment worth £600,000 in Manchester as an investment for the future."

Valentina's older sister Saffron has a flat in the same building, which is also home to many professional footballers.

"Saffron bought an apartment in the same building so we thought it would be nice to have one for her sister there too," he said.

"I [also] hired a personal shopper to go out around London and buy her a selection of designer clothes.

"She spent around £60k on them. They are only going to fit her until after Christmas because she is growing so fast."

Christmas is a time when a lot of us push the boat out a bit and treat our loved one to presents and expensive things we know they will love.

And Barrie has to buy his loved ones only the very best that money can buy.

Fans commenting on the designer Christmas presents snaps were begging Barrie to adopt them.

Many were invested in his family, saying: "Seriously I can't wait for Christmas day to see what your kids get."

Fans seemed to live vicariously though the Drewitt-Barlow's luxury life, asking: "Can't wait to see your Christmas. Please video some present opening."

Many also expressed their jealousy at the families lavish lifestyle.

What will Santa bring theDrewitt-Barlow family this Christmas?

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