I’m an organisational whizz, there are three things to do every day for a tidy home – having a routine is key
16th May 2022

CLEANING and organisation is something that may not come naturally to some of us, and we may find ourselves stuck when it comes to maintaining a tidy home.

One organisation expert has shared the three things she does everyday to ensure her home remains clean and tidy – and they don’t take long at all.

Skylar Toth shared her top tips in a video posted to TikTok. Skylar currently is a home, cooking and lifestyle influencer with 920.9K followers.

Her first tip is to set aside 15 minutes every day to do the simple stuff, “this includes things such as making your bed, cleaning countertops and washing the dishes,” says Skyler.

You can also water any houseplants you have in this fifteen minute period, and a quick wipedown of shelves if you have time.

The lifestyle guru’s second tip is to create a cleaning schedule and ensure that you stick to this.

To create the schedule just list what cleaning/organising you plan to do everyday. This can also be a great way to start if you're not quite the organisation whizz that Skylar is. Schedule different rooms to be organised and you can slowly make your way around your house.

Skylar’s third and final tip is to not let clutter build up: “Once you wash your dishes, make an effort to dry them off and put them away immediately. 

“This is the same with laundry, once you fold it, put it away. A clean space equals a clean mind.”

If you follow these tips your house will look super tidy in no time – just be sure to stick to the routine and your home will actually stay tidy this time.

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Cleaning and organisations has never been easier thanks to TikTokers sharing their helpful tips and tricks.

One cleaning pro shared her two-towel method for cleaning cabinets, and another revealed how to get your bathroom sparkling clean in just five minutes.

You can also make your house appear clean and spotless in just ten minutes – perfect for those times you have guests coming but haven’t had time to clean up properly.

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