I’m an Irish traveller, I’m not allowed to go on holiday until I’m married & I won’t work – but I did go to school
26th January 2021

AN Irish traveller has given people an insight into her life, as she revealed she’s not allowed to go on holiday until she’s married and won’t work. 

Caitlin, 20, who lives in a caravan near Hertfordshire, regularly shares her lifestyle on TikTok, showing off her fashion, day-to-day life and home online. 

Caitlin, who often shares clips with her sister, Lizzy, 18, said: “We never realised how interested non-travellers are in the travelling community. 

“If you have any questions about us travellers, we’ll give you as much detail as we can give you."

While Lizzy added: “We’ll do it from our experience and what we know, because everyone’s different and how they grew up, how they were raised.”

She revealed that most women in her community don’t go out to work, and it’s down to the men to be breadwinners for the family. 

Caitlin said: “I feel like one out of 100 traveller women actually have a job and go to work, because they mostly leave it down to the husbands. 

“We don’t really go to work. I know people that have been to work."

But she confirmed she is studying, and is currently in college, although she acknowledged that’s often not the case in her community. 

She said: “I finished primary school, secondary school, I’m in college right now, I completed all my GCSES.

“Some will go to school, some won’t, but it’s more common for them to not go to school. 

“I think it just depends on the family whether they want to send them to school. Most likely no because that’s not the line of work that traveller boys or girls go down.”

As she shared her life with her fans, she gave a tour of her caravan, showing off her closet stuffed with clothes, her sleeping area, and sofas with a TV. 

Caitlin lives there with her family, as she’s not yet married.

She explained while most people do get married young, it’s not always the case. 

She said: “Everyone assumes all travellers get married at 14 or 15. Some do get married at 14 or 15, maybe not 14, maybe 15. Some get married 18, 19, 20, you can get married at 25. 

“But it’s more common to get married in your teenage years. And it all depends on when you meet them. 

“Some get married two months after they know them, or five years after they know them. You can’t put a time to a person.”

When she finally does get married, Caitlin will be allowed to go on holiday, as she’s not allowed to currently – unless it’s with her family. 

She said: “As Irish girls we’re not allowed to go on holiday until we’re married, or with our family. Obviously there’s different circumstances. 

“If we were allowed, I'd be gone every year. You’re not allowed that until you’re married, or with your family. It’s a big no.”

Caitlin’s videos have racked up thousands of likes and comments, as people praised her home and her fashion. 

One person said: “Your bathroom has more storage than mine.” 

Someone else wrote: “Ignore them haters hun you’re amazing.” 

A third added: “You should not get any hate babe! Your unreal!!! And your home is perf.”

While another added: “Haters gonna hate stay unbothered girl.”

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