I’m an interior designer – here’s the decor worth buying in Ikea and what you definitely shouldn't waste your money on | The Sun
17th November 2022

IT'S NOT always worth splurging on posh home decor, especially when there are so many great bargain options.

But according to one interior designer some of the cheap options are still a big no-no.

Annie Elliot recently shared the smaller decorative pieces worth picking up in Ikea, and the items that are a total waste of money.

Anything "too decoratory" is an immediate no for the designer.

So that geometric piece of decor that you think looks chic and modern? Leave that in the shop.

Decorative word art is also a no for Annie – let's face it, you probably don't need a sign that says 'home' anyway.


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"If you don't know you're home, I think you have bigger problems," she joked.

Ditch the large glass timers as well… "They make me nervous, when I'm at home I don't want to time anything," Annie said.

You can go for items that feel more on the cheap side, as long as they look good, like the mini golden pineapple the interior designer found.

"If it's tucked away on a shelf you can't feel how chintzy it is," she explained.

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Coloured and glass vases are almost always a yes, since it'll be easy to find somewhere in your space for them.

And if you're on the hunt for a Christmas wreathes Ikea's got some great ones.

Annie said: "I'm a fan of natural wreathes, inside or outside I like them."

That said, don't bother with any that look too fake, like the ones that are dyed different colours or made from the same material as your Christmas tree.

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