I’m a traveller & have the BEST way to clean filthy oven doors – all you need is a Muller Corner | The Sun
15th November 2023

YOU'd most likely find someone tucking into one.

But one traveller has explained how she uses a split corner yoghurt – to get her oven door sparkling clean.

Tracey took to TikTok to share the very unusual cleaning hack, as she insisted: "You'll never believe it!"

She took the top of the yoghurt, and put it to one side, as she promised: "I'll lick that in a minute".

Tracey then treated herself to two spoons of the yoghurt and fruit mix, before she started dolloping it onto the glass oven door.

She then added some of the fruit filling too, as she said: "You only need a little bit of the cherry, it's just for a nice smell after."

"I know you think I'm messing with you," she added.

"You watch, watch!"

She then sloshed some soapy water onto the oven and started rubbing at the yoghurt with a sponge.

"Rub it all in," Tracey continued.

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"Rub it all in, all over."

Once that was done, she then got a cloth, made it wet, and started wiping off the yoghurt mixture.

"Look here and look here," she said.

"Now what did I tell you?

"I told you!

"Take note.

"It's amazing."

To finish off, she wiped and buffed the door down with some kitchen towel.

"Now tell me a yogurt, don't clean the kitchen," she said.

"Don't keep on about the bleach and stuff.

"I don't use bleach.

"I just use what I was brought up to use.

"We didn't have bleach when we were children."

She then added: "There you go.

"Bring up the kitchen cooker with yogurt.

"Look. Clear as a bell!"

"Not just good for thrush lol but good for cookers!" one person commented on the video.

"Will deffo try that tip!"

"NO WAY! that looked so much easier," another added.

"Nine takes ages cause have to leave the foam stuff and that.

"Deffo doing this!"

"Just gunna go clean my cooker with yogurt," a third commented.

"OMG THATS AMAZING GIRLIE!" someone else wrote.

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"You got a loyal little follower here – I hate doing that cooker glass!"

"Oh my days, I am intrigued now and want to try this," another said.

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