I’m a teacher – the 5 Christmas gifts we’ll actually use & trust me, we have more than enough mugs | The Sun
9th December 2022

ARE you thinking about what you can get your child’s teacher as a Christmas gift this year?

One teacher has come to the rescue and lifted the lid on the presents they will love – and it’s not a mug.

TikTok user and teacher Lanae posted a video in which she revealed the top five most useful gifts parents can buy ahead of the new school term.

Lanae, who can be found at @lanae1996, wrote alongside it: “Christmas gifts your kid’s teacher will actually use.

“I promise they have enough cups and mugs.”

The social media user then went through her wish list one by one.

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Lanae began by saying that “noise blocking earbuds for plan time” are an essential, as it means teachers can switch off as they are planning their lessons. 

Up next, Lanae suggested buying some pens – in particular the coloured, scented ones. 

Not only can these be used to plan lessons, but also to mark.

The third gift idea the teacher had for her and her colleagues is a food voucher.

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As Lanae is based in the US, she showed one for Doordash, but British companies like Deliveroo or JustEat would come in extremely handy.

She went on to say: “Save the day when they forget their lunch.”

The penultimate present is a fold up carrier bag so that they can easily carry their “teacher stuff”, from books to pens.

While the fifth and final suggestion was a personalised stamp “to make grading papers more fun.”

Examples she showed included stamps that offered words of encouragement, like “Mr. Evans says great job.”

They also had others with phrases such as, “Mrs Abbott is so proud of you.”

Lanae was also quick to add that any gift from a student is always appreciated.

She wrote: “These are just ideas, but any gift I get from a student or their family makes me feel so loved.

“A self care basket is also a great idea.”

After seeing Lanae’s video, parents – as well as other teachers – immediately thanked her for the advice.

One wrote: “As a teacher, I approve of all of these.”

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Another added: “Those ear plugs look amazing. As a teacher 10/10 would love.”

While a third said: “I love the personalised stamp idea. I’m so doing this!”

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