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25th February 2023

A TATTOO artist has revealed the four things that drive her crazy, that you should never do if you want to get yourself in the good books.

Émilie, who posts on TikTok under the username @missemilietattoos is a junior tattoo artist from Niagara, Canada. 

In a recent video, Émilie revealed the four things that customers do that are highly annoying for tattoo artists.

She shared her clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘Please respectfully don’t do this at your tattoo appointment.’

She said: “Things that annoy tattoo artists.” 

The first thing that Émilie finds annoying is when customers move around a lot whilst getting their inking.

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She explained: “A lot of the time when something like this happens — it does get frustrating because it’s your name on that tattoo and you just want it to go well.”

The second thing that Émilie can’t stand is when customers try to negotiate the price of their inking.

So if you’ve ever tried to be cheeky and tried to get your inking for a cheaper price, you’ll want to bear in mind that this is highly annoying for the tattoo artists.

Thirdly, Émilie finds it highly irritating when people try to rush their tattoos.

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Émilie takes pride in her work and wants to ensure that it is perfect, so understandably, this is frustrating for her and many other artists too. 

And finally, Émilie explained that for the ignorant customers, she finds it annoying when they say “Can’t wait to come back” and assume that Émilie would allow them to return for another inking.

Émilie then added: “I would just like to make a point here that I am extremely flattered when a client wants to come back.

"This is more towards people who are ignorant.” 

Émilie’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 62.3k views.

It has 4,404 likes, 136 comments and 15 shares.

Many people could relate to Émilie and were eager to reflect this in the comments. 

One person said: “Agreed!!!” 

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Another added: “Yupppp.” 

Whilst a third commented: “All of these things annoy hairstylists also haha.”

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