I’m a skincare expert in my 40s – I use the anti-aging tip Jennifer Lopez swears by & it really works | The Sun
28th July 2022

ONE Thing Jennifer Lopez is known for is her youthful appearance at the age of 53.

A skincare expert just opened up about one of the little-known secrets Jennifer has depended on over the years for her amazing skin.

TikToker and anti-aging professional Michelle Silva says she’s been practicing the same tip for 10 years — and claims that Jennifer swears by it too.

She says: “If you are in your 30s, 40 is, or 50s and you are as obsessed with anti-aging as I am then this is for you.”

Michelle personally is in her 40s, according to the hashtags on her video.

Michelle breaks down where she gathered her reliable knowledge and expertise from.  

She says: “I have worked in the plastic and cosmetic surgery field for about eight years.

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“I am very well aware of all of the procedures, all of the techniques, all of the medical grade products that are out there…

“There are some basic things you need to start implementing daily in order for you to stop premature aging.

“In my time working for a plastic surgeon, there was one thing he would always ask his patients…

“He'd ask his clients, ‘Are you a right head sleeper or are you a left head sleeper?'

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“He would ask them because it was always very apparent, and very clear, which side they slept on.

“On the side of the face that they would prominently be sleeping on, there would be many more wrinkles than the opposite side.

“His recommendation was, and I know it’s uncomfortable and takes time to get used to, but you should never sleep on your stomach…

“Try to sleep on your back. Ladies, I know it’s not comfortable but start sleeping on your back.

“This is an anti-aging tip that works!” she says. 

Several people have responded in Michelle's comment section on TikTok.

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One person wrote: “I've tried. I can’t do it. But I sleep between sides, so I’m being fair to each side of my face."

Michelle wrote back: “It’s definitely a challenge. Try a silk pillow sheet."

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