I’m a single mum – Turkey boob job is the best money I’ve ever spent, they’re an investment | The Sun
2nd June 2023

A SINGLE mum has told how getting a boob job was the best cash she’s ever spent.

Rara Armstrong, 34, thought her 34D assets were getting saggy after she breastfed her son.

So she jetted to Turkey for cosmetic surgery and was delighted with her new 36G bust.

Rara said: “I love my boobs and they are definitely the best investment I ever made.

“Everyone needs to do what makes them happy. And mine definitely put a smile on my face. They don’t call them fun bags for nothing.”

The single mum previously revealed that she hates wearing a bra and even heads out on the school run without one.

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She makes do with a tight top to give her some support and is used to getting stares.

But she has no issues with people having a look at her.

She said: “I think most people see boobs and stare. It’s natural."

Rara, from the West Midlands, fears her boobs are dropping again since her original op and she is planning to get them done again later this year.

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She said: “They are starting to get saggy so I want them perky again. I’m getting them lifted a bit and I might see if I can go a little bit bigger.

“But I won’t be going super huge. Maybe a few sizes but that would be it. They can really get in the way when you exercise if they’re too big.”

Rara, who is a full-time content creator, loves her shape and confessed she would hate to have small boobs.

She said: “I  wouldn’t be curvy without them and that’s all part of my look. I love my boobs.”

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