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21st December 2022

WITH just four days to go until we’re exchanging presents, some of us will be starting to panic about finding the perfect last-minute gift for our loved ones. 

Luckily one mum of three has shared what women really want to find under the tree – and it’s not a brand-new mop. 

Hannah, known online as @hannahhomeeducates, regularly shares parenting content with her 137,000 followers. 

In a new TikTok video, the content creator reveals what women, particularly mums, really want for Christmas – and that includes time on their own. 

“If you’re a bloke and you have a female partner, wife, or long-term partner, this is what they want for Christmas.

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say that divorced women are probably the best qualified to talk about this because your wife might not tell you. She might still be hoping you’re going to guess it. 


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“So here’s what they want. 

“Time on their own. She wants time on her own, but the very important bit of this is that it has to not eat into the time when she comes back to the house. 

“So that means she wants a day at a spa by herself, in silence, or just somewhere. She wants to be able to go out for the day and not worry about what’s happening at home. 

“She doesn’t want any phone calls. She doesn’t want you to ask anything about where the kids’ clothes are, about what they eat, she doesn’t want to come home to a mess. 

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“She wants to go away, just like you get to do, and come home and everything’s still running smoothly. That’s what she wants. 

“Places you can send her that she will enjoy: out for lunch, really nice lunch, getting nails done, massaging, basically where she gets pampered. 

“And also where no one is going to be asking her for anything or even preferably talking to her. 

“A day to sit in a cafe with a book. Oh my god. 

“She wants stuff that shows you’ve put thought into it, and effort and that you appreciate what she does.” 

Later in the video, Hannah also goes on to explain what not to buy your partner.

“Here’s what she doesn't want. 

She only wants bath products if you are going to make sure she can take a nice bath.

“Anything to do with cleaning the house. 

“Anything that she’ll basically have to buy herself, so if her slippers have got massive holes in, she doesn’t really want that. 

“That’s should just a given, she should be able to wear slippers right, as a given, in the house. 

“She only wants bath products if you are going to make sure she can take a nice bath, again, without there being any negative consequences. 

“She doesn’t want to take a bath with some bath products you’ve got her with a two-year-old hammering on the door crying for mummy. 

“She doesn’t want anything you picked up at the supermarket last minute, 

“She probably doesn’t want cash. 

“Although this depends – if her day/time out is going to be shopping, then maybe that’s a bright idea. 

“Don’t get her anything that contributes towards her job. I don’t think you’d like a mouse mat or something to do with your work for Christmas. That’s not fun. 

“And yes, I am talking in terms of like very stereotypical setups, but I watched my mum get really horrible nightwear that was like two to three to four sizes too big for her growing up. 

“If you want your kids to respect your partner, you have to do the same. You have to treat them with respect, treat them like they're a person. 

“A whole person, a valuable person, and someone who is deserving of nice things. Of quality time.”

She also shared a warning for parents, adding: “And if you have daughters, I’m just going to say this now. How you treat your wife in front of them is probably how they’re going to be expected to be treated when they’re in a relationship. 

“So if they turn around and end up with a crappy boyfriend who doesn’t treat them well, who doesn’t get them nice things, I’m just going to turn around and say it’s probably on you. 

“I hope that’s not too harsh, but I also don’t particularly care that it is.” 

 Fans loved Hannah’s honesty, with the video gaining more than 7,800 likes and 134,000 views. 

In the comments, other mums thanked her for sharing the useful video, with one writing: “Yes. I told my male co-worker that and he was like ‘no I don’t think she’s like that’ and I was like ‘WE’RE ALL LIKE THAT!’”

Another said: “The point about not eating into the time coming back to the house is spot on.”

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A third added: “Actually I want everyone to leave the house and I stay home all by myself.”

Someone else joked: “Nothing to do with cleaning UNLESS IT’S A CLEANER.”

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