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19th December 2023

A WOMANhas admitted to being a 'spoilt b***h' as she revealed the pricey items she would not be happy seeing under the Christmas tree this year.

Sam, from the UK, shared the list of Christmas gifts she would certainly not be grateful to get, leaving people stunned.

In the clip, she said: "I'm a spoilt b***h and here are some things I would be ungrateful for if I get them as gifts this Christmas."

She first noted that she hated designer clothes which had logos all over them – so she wouldn't be thrilled to receive the new Fendi brown and black logo T-shirt.

While most girls dream of a little something from Tiffany's being under the tree – Sam would be offended to get a little blue box.

"This or any other designer jewellery – it's just silver," she added.



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"You can literally get this that doesn't say Tiffany on it for probably about 40 quid.

"There's nothing elegant or unique about this necklace whatsoever."

A generic gift card would also annoy Sam as she reveals there's been no thought going into the gift.

She explained: "I don't mind specific gift cards."

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"Like they get you a gift card for the place you get your nails done or your hairdresser," she continued.

"It just says I put no thought into this, you didn't even go into a shop probably, I probably just bought at the till while I was doing my groceries," Sam added.

Also on her list of no-go presents was Hermes bags which she said looked like a 'conservative grandma's handbag.'

If she saw Pandora jewellery wrapped up – Sam said she would immediately dump her boyfriend.

While Uggs may have become popular again – Sam wouldn't be impressed getting a pair.

She added: "'They're so cute, comfy and warm.'

"No, they make you walk like s**t yourself."

The clips posted to her TikTok account @jet_set_gypsea have since gone viral with over 45k views and 1,300 likes.

People were quick to share their thoughts on Sam's controversial opinions on gift giving.

One person wrote: "A Pandora anything is an immediate dump situation."

Another commented: "Omg yes. Who the hell is buying Pandora I keep saying it will go bust soon and it never happens."

"Stop it with the Uggs though. I absolutely love mine and I walk fine," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Couldn't agree more Sam, really hate it."

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Someone else added: "Totally agree those gift cards I HATE!! I end up spending them on things I don’t need as I can’t ever find anything I like."

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