I'm a proud member of the no-bra club…other women always insist I should wear one, but it's no secret I have nipples | The Sun
19th March 2023

A WOMAN has hit back at trolls who insist she should wear a bra when out and about.

A growing number of women have joined the 'no bra' movement – and one of those who's ditched her bras is TikTok user and model Jem (@sacred_jem).

The young woman, believed to be from the US, regularly shares videos of herself rocking teeny tops with no undergarments on TikTok.

But whilst her breasts may feel less restricted, not everyone agrees with Jem's decision.

According to the stunning model, she is frequently approached by fellow women who are not comfortable with her nipples peeking through the tops.

In their eyes, Jem revealed in the video, she should do something about this and cover up with a bra.


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To this, she chuckled, she usually says she won't – because it is no secret that she, like most people, have nipples.

Fortunately, after explaining her daily struggles, Jem was met with heaps of support, mainly from blokes who flocked to comments.

One man wrote: ''nothing wrong with them.''

Another agreed, writing: ''nothing wrong with them.''

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''no law requiring a bra,'' someone else chuckled.

''why can they never just enjoy it like the rest of us and shut up??'' a fan wondered.

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Unlike Jem who refuses to squeeze her girls in a tight bra, Loren Herrera has ditched knickers – even when working out.

However, fed up of all the creasing and bulging, the gym enthusiast took to TikTok to urge the popular apparel retailer Lululemon to improve their design.

Tagging the brand, Loren wondered: ''Lululemon, why don't you make a legging that has a little kind of like a pantyliner action […] for us with vaginas?

''Cause listen, I don't need to be at the gym on the leg press and have gym bros looking at my lady bits.

''And it's not comfortable,'' she moaned in the now-viral video.

''I want it smooth, cupped, supported. But I don't want it like super thick, you know.

''A little something there would be great. Think like maybe period underwear but not – something like that.

''If it was a little absorbent, that'd be nice too.''

Loren also added: ''Don't tell me to wear a thong.''

But unfortunately for Loren, the reaction on social media wasn't the one she had anticipated.

One TikTok fan laughed, sharing their solution to the problem: ''maybe…underwear.''

Another agreed, adding: ''No one’s looking at your sh*t.''

However, there were also a few of those who shared the same opinion, such as this woman: ''Arguably your best video to date! Lulu needs to get on board.''

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''I haven't had children and would still appreciate the extra support in those leggings,''a second wrote.

''Like seriously not all of us want are stuff out for the world.''

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