I’m a professional hairstylist – here’s the only time you should ever wash your locks | The Sun
20th September 2022

HOW often do you wash your hair?

Well, according to one professional it's almost definitely too often, since there's only one time you should ever clean your locks.

Although you might be happy with your current hair routine it might be doing more harm than good.

Professional hairstylist Jon Hala told Express.co.uk: “You should only wash your hair when it’s absolutely necessary.”

But how do you know what it's necessary?

The clues will probably be obvious by the time it's good to lather up your locks.

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If there's still a soft sheen you can push it a few more days before washing it.

Jon explained: “Although the general recommendation is to wash it a maximum of one to two times a week, I’d say that it should only be washed when the hair is visibly oily.

“If the scalp is itchy or there are signs of flakiness due to dirt, then it’s clear it’s time for a wash.

“Remember, for a healthy scalp you need natural sebum for healthy follicles and washing your hair too regularly will reduce this.”

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Using the right shampoo can help cut down the amount of times you need to wash your hair every week.

According to the pro, avoiding heavy shampoos is a must, since they'll weigh down you hair, making it easier for oil and dirt to build up.

A light shampoo with less oils can help stretch each wash out further.

Likewise, you should ditch the oily styling products in-between washes as they will also make your hair look more dirty.

“Using less oil-based styling products such as serums would also be beneficial," Jon said.

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