I’m a professional hair stylist and here are the mistakes clients always make – from how you sit to how you use shampoo
7th October 2021

A PROFESSIONAL hair stylist has revealed the five things all hairdressers want to tell the clients but usually refrain from doing so.

When it comes to being the perfect client in the salon, there's a few things stylists wish you would do both during your appointment and beforehand.

TikTok user @highkeyhair is known for sharing her haircare advice online and she's revealed the all important things your stylist probably wants to tell you, but doesn't.

Turns out how you sit when you're having your hair washed pre-cut is actually pretty important and when stylists criticise your cheap product choices – it's not just because they want to cash in on the expensive goods.

So, if you want to make sure your hair is always looking on point and in its best ever condition, you may want to take note of the following.

Always tilt your head back into the shampoo bowl

It may seem straight forward that you need to position your head back into the sink when having your hair washed pre getting it cut.

While there's nothing better than a soothing head massage while your stylist is washing your locks, apparently a lot of us are guilty of sitting with our heads facing forward in the groove on the bowl.

Demonstrating the correct way to sit – with your head tilted back at an angle -the hair pro reveals: "This is how you should be in the shampoo bowl – not like this [straight on], we can't reach this part [points at top of head].

"We appreciate you are trying to help us when we shampoo your hair, but the minute you go like this, water is getting all up in that shirt."

Nine times out of 10, your stylist will automatically try and correct your positioning.

"If they're going like this [pulling head back] they're trying to keep your head back, y'all better be telling your clients what to do, I do. Keep the head back," she insisted.

Don't move your head while your hair's being cut

Another golden rule that should be common knowledge, but we're all probably guilty of fidgeting and adjusting our heads, whether it be to check our phone or to skim through a mag, and turns out there's nothing more annoying.

"I know how it is, we get so antsy when we're sitting really still and trying to get a haircut, you must sit still and you must keep your head down if they tell you… keep it still don't move," the stylist revealed.

If you feel your stylist twisting your head back to centre, you're moving it too much.

Trust the colour process

Often you look at the colour of the dye in the bowl and it can seem a little scary. Either it looks too dark in colour or too bright, but that's not how it will be on your actual tresses.

"When the colour is processing on your head, mixed in the bowl or when it's wet in the shampoo bowl, it's gonna look darker," she revealed.

"Nine times out of 10, it's not as dark as you think… we just trust what we mix."

There's a reason you shouldn't be using cheap products

Every salon has the products it likes to push, but while you may think your stylist is just trying to get you to spend more cash, there's actually a more important reason why they're criticising your cheap product choices.

"I know what you're thinking, why do stylists always bash us for using cheap products, it's expensive. We don't really care about the fact you use cheap products, I get it, hair is expensive, but we only care when we have to do your hair," the stylist explained in another video.

"Cheap products use cheap ingredients… it creates a waxy coating in the outside of your hair, whether you see it or not, it's there. Imagine applying heat to that, it'll melt that all into your hair which is not good."

Such build-up can wreak havoc with your hair, especially if you're having it coloured or bleached.

"When you first come in for a chemical surface such as colouring your hair or bleaching, we have to first remove the build up which takes time and which costs money, so it's just going to be more expensive to you. It can cause a chemical reaction and actually fry your hair," she said.

You've been warned.


Don't use too much shampoo

Thanks to TikTok, we're revolutionising the way we wash our hair, with the professionals scalding us for using too much shampoo or coating it through the ends of our hair.

If your roots are always looking oily and the ends of your hair feeling forever dry, then you need to switch up your shampooing routine.

"Are your roots oily and your ends dry? You're shampooing it too much… If your shampoo is running out before your conditioner, you need to flip it into reverse," the stylist warned in one post.

She shared her own haircare experiment where she only shampooed her hair every seven to 10 days.

"I'd like to think I do all the right things. I don't shampoo that much, I do leave in conditioners, I don't do a lot of heat, I take care of my hair. But, I've been experimenting," she explained.

"I have thin hair and I'm shampooing my hair every 7 to 10 days… that's f***ing disgusting – no, I've been conditioning it every three days and let me tell you, my hair has never felt better, it's never felt more soft and more nourished and just healthy.

"I thought I was going to be dripping grease by now and I'm not. It's just a little bit of oil and can we just normalise having a little bit of oil on our hair because it's so good for us."

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