I’m a professional cleaner & there’s a bathroom fitting I’d NEVER have in my home – they're filthy & difficult to clean | The Sun
29th September 2022

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner shared the bathroom fitting that she would never have in her house, as it gets so dirty and they're "impossible" to clean.

Australian expert who goes by @cleanlikeapro on TikTok said she would avoid an invisible linear shower drain at all costs.

She uploaded a video of herself trying to clean a filthy drain in a customer's home.

She said: "These shower drains are the worst. I would never have these in my home. They are a nightmare to clean.

"Brace yourself. Here's another thing I will never have in my house from the perspective of a professional cleaner. These drains… oh my! I actually have no words.

"They just trap everything and as you can see there is a full head of hair in this drain, amongst other things.

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"These drains need to be cleaned on a regular basis, because if they don't, you get this.

"I can imagine that this shower would have water pooling in the bottom of it badly."

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The cleaning expert then talked viewers through a guide to blitzing the fancy drains.

She said: "To clean this one we actually took it outside because it was pretty bad. Firstly we scraped all the excess off.

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"Once all the excess was gone we then gave it a spray and we polished it up."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the pro's video.

One person said: "That is shocking."

Another said: "My new rental has it in the ensuite, have to clean it every week to keep the hair out."

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But one person asked: "Doesn't that make it easier to clean? All drains get that scuzz, but at least that can be pulled apart and seen."

But another person replied: "Nope, they aren't easier. They just trap everything. They are gross."

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