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16th April 2023

A PROFESSIONAL hairstylist has revealed how to get the perfect curls using just one curling iron. 

Getting the perfect curl or wave can be a frustrating process and often results in an aching arm and a ruined vision. 

But these issues will soon be a problem of the past as a hairstylist has finally set the record straight on how best to use a curling iron. 

You can achieve three different curls using just one device and it’s so easy to do that it’ll only take seconds. 

“There are three types of curls using the same curling iron,” @hairbyandiej_ said as her TikTok video started. 

Hanging three strands of brunette hair on a comb, she then took the first one to straighten it before getting to work. 


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“The first type is going to be a big, bouncy, glam wave,” she continued. “Start by heating the strand and then move the curling iron all the way to the end. 

“Roll all the way up to the top, keeping the curling iron parallel to the floor. 

“Release the curl into your hand and hold for a few seconds to cool. Once released, you can see that this leaves a big, bouncy curl.” 

Demonstrating the second style, she told viewers to keep the curling iron at a 45 degree angle to the floor. 

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Creating the perfect beach wave, she said: “You start at the base of the strand, curling the hair around and then release the top as you move down the strand, all the way to the ends.

“This gives a very beachy, textured look.” 

Moving onto the final style, Andiej shared how to do a spiral curl.

“For this one, you hold the curling iron parallel to the floor and simply wrap the hair around, letting it twist as you go,” she said. 

“Hold for a few seconds and then release in your hand to cool. Once it’s cooled, you have a beautiful spiral curl. 

“This one can be brushed and teased to make a Hollywood wave.”

“Hair tip Monday!” she added in the caption. 

Viewers were quick to comment on the clip as one person wrote: “Glad I’m seeing this before I attempt to use my curling iron since I’ve only ever used a flat iron to curl my hair”. 

Another said: “21 years old and still dont know how to curl my hair”. [sic] 

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A third shared: “everytime I try, it wraps around the iron and I burn & tangle my hair,” [sic] with a crying emoji.

While a fourth added: “I feel way too old to be just now learning this lol”. [sic]

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