I’m a plus-size Barbie – I dress the part, guys say I’m ‘just hotter than 40 hells’ | The Sun
20th March 2023

A WOMAN who epitomises plus-size positivity, has been channelling her inner Barbie Doll.

In the process, she has sent heart pulses racing and getting many of her followers hot under the collar.

But she could become a poster girl for larger women everywhere, as she oozes body confidence.

Lacey Beagles (@laceybeagles) is a content producer who inhabits the very essence of self-love.

Her posts to her TikTok are a celebration of her looks and body shape, and there are no detractors there.

She is proud of her body and will brook no nonsense if anyone suggests otherwise.

She describes her platform as being all about, "Positive energy, body positivity, makeup, being yourself, humor, and fashion."

Lacey loves a colorful wardrobe and has never succumbed to the idea that bigger bodies should be hidden away.

No way José: “Always dress how you want. Just be yourself, not who someone else wants you to be," she asserts.

In one of her videos, she described herself as a "Plus-size Barbie."

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She appeared wearing a crushed velvet dress in the palest of pinks, with a plunging cleavage and thigh side slit.

Her blonde hair was effortlessly touseled.

Comments to her post were blown away – they loved this Barbie.

One fan was overwhelmed: “Damn. That’s hotter than 40 hells," he said.

Another said: “You are stunning.”

This fan could only manage two words: “Crushing it," he said.

The final comment to her post considered the good fortune of her other half: “Your husband is one lucky dude," he said.

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