I’m a personal stylist – there’s a style to go for every time if you have big boobs, and some necklines to avoid
3rd May 2022

IF you're a busty woman, you might find it hard to choose outfits that flatter your figure instead of hide them.

But personal stylist Vanessa Valiente has opened up about the best ensembles for those with bigger boobs in a YouTube video on the Annie Parker Confidential page.

In the video, she joined influencer Shelli Pelly to go through some of the biggest dos and don't for busty women – with Shelli's high-neck tweed dress getting a big no from her.

"Right now we’re getting a uniboob, we’re adding a lot of weight," Vanessa explained.

"Basically we’ve lost the breasts – you can see it on the camera, it’s a lot of weight and we have not defined the breasts.

"Also the fringe is creating more weight and even the fabric – this is more of a tweed, you really want to avoid tweeds on the chest when you’re busty."

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She did, however, like the defined waist of the dress, adding: "This is a definite yes when you’re busty – you have to define your waist.

"So that your bust doesn’t become your waist."

Next up was a scoop neck yellow top, which Vanessa was a big fan of.

"When you’re busty it is ok to show a little bit of cleavage, particularly in this more casual look," she explained.

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"We’re showing about two inches here. This is a scoop neck, a round neck.

"We’ve defined the bust with this jersey knit and we’ve defined the arms – it’s so important to define the arms so that your breasts don’t get confused for fat arms."

But Shelli's next outfit – a one-shouldered white top with a large ruffle on the front – was another no for Vanessa.

Vanessa Valiente’s Dos and Don’ts for big boobs


  • Go for a scoop or V neck to highlight your cleavage
  • Shorten your straps to make a top less busty
  • Don't forget to wear pasties if you're going bra-less
  • Define the arms as well as the breasts by making sure you have a fitted arm and the shoulder seam in the right place
  • Define your waist so that your bust doesn't become your waist


  • Wear high necks
  • Go for frills/ruffles on the bust as it just adds weight
  • Opt for heavier tweed-like fabrics on the chest area
  • Wear pockets on shirts unless they are small
  • Be afraid to show off your cleavage in a classy way

"This is a no for big boobs because this ruffle does the same thing we were discussing about just creating a uniboob – a lot of width, shortening the body.

"It’s all about eliminating that bulk and really defining the breast – we’ve lost the breast here again."

Shelli went on to show a cute khaki fitted dress with a waist tie, which Vanessa loved, before changing into an on-trend bodysuit and trousers.

And while the bodysuits can be seen everywhere at the moment, the high-neck style isn't suitable for those with big boobs.

"First of all, when you’re busty, you have part of the breast pop out here – we don’t love that," she said, highlighting a tiny bit of side boob.

"And also with the super high neck we’re creating that uniboob look."

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Instead, she advised those with larger busts to go for a scoop neck leotard.

"Also you’re not wearing a bra – when you’re busty and you don’t wear a bra you can just use pasties and cover up that nipple area," she added.

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