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23rd August 2022

NUTRITION experts have revealed the truth behind air fryers – and they're not as healthy as everyone thinks.

It seems that over the last few years one kitchen device has become more popular than any other – air fryer.

The novel appliance, found in almost every health-conscious household across the world, has become this almost best friend for those trying to lose weight.

The concept seems pretty straightforward and simple – just chuck in whatever you fancy and get the ultimate level of mouth-watering crispiness – but without the extra calories deep-frying in oil would.

But is this too good to be true? Or is there something hiding? Are air fryers as healthy as they're promoted to be?

Now, two experts, Lisa Richards, a nutritionist, and author of the Candida Diet, and Lahana Vigliano, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and CEO of Nuvitru, have shared their thoughts, Real Homes reported.

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According to the food gurus, air frying is still not ''healthy'' in the same way baking in an oven is – and it's certainly nowhere near as nutritionally good for you as eating fresh produce.

What you cook is still as important as how you're cooking it, they reminded.

Lahana explained: ''It's important to use an air fryer with healthy nutritious food and not just heating up processed frozen food.

''This is the key to making the air fryer experience healthy!'

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Lisa agreed, reminding that how you prepare the dish and what extra ingredients you add makes a huge difference in how healthy the meal is going to be.

She said that what ''is placed on the food after it is prepared can still increase the fat, sugar, and harmful nutrients of the food.

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''It is a myth that air fryers make all foods healthy.''

Whilst there are many pros to having an air fryer in your kitchen, such as reduced calories, easy use that is also very convenient and time-efficient, cooking fans should also be aware of the disadvantages.

One of the biggest cons of air fryers is that they can prevent people from consuming oils in their diet that are actually good for health, such as olive oil.

Lahana said that while using less oil is often seen as a benefit of the device, this '''isn't always a good thing''.

''High-quality oils, such as avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, can be great at helping absorb fat-soluble vitamins found in food.''

The other drawback to be aware of is that cheaper air fryers may also be harmful through the materials it's made from.

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Lahana cautioned that ''it's important to choose an air fryer that uses stainless steel as the cookware versus a non-stick Teflon or plastic.

''This can cause your food to be exposed to different environmental toxins found in plastic and non-stick materials.''

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