I'm a nursery worker & everyone thinks the same thing about my ‘easy’ job but they couldn’t be more wrong | The Sun
5th March 2023

KIDS are full of energy. 

From waking up first thing in the morning, until they lay their heads down – children are non stop on their feet, learning all there is to know about life. 

So when it comes to looking after them, it helps when parents, carers or the childcare workers have a good night's sleep to prepare them for what's in store with the kids.

Tilly Alderslade, a nursery practitioner, is someone who knows exactly what looking after children is like.

She works in childcare as a full time job and has given an insight into what it is like to work at a nursery. 

And Tilly claims that she is constantly having to fend off comments about her job being so “easy”. 


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In a video she shared with her TikTok followers, Tilly filmed herself holding her head with common quotes which are often said to her about her job. 

The video is captioned: “Nursery practitioners have an easy job apparently.”

One quote read: “Working in child care must be easy.” 

Another quote read: “Your job must be easy sitting playing with toys all day.” 

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A third said: “You must just sit all day having cuddles.” 

Tilly had a song in the background playing which sings: “I wonder if you know how it really feels.” 

The video has attracted over 100,000 people interacting with it.

And over a thousand people commented to share their thoughts. 

Agreeing with Tilly, one wrote: “It’s definitely not a minimum wage job, I find it ridiculous.” 

Another agreed about the paying not being enough by writing: “I wish the pay matched the job.” 

A third added: “Dealing with all their different moods trying to keep them all happy, changing multiple nappies the list goes on. It’s a tough (job) but I wouldn’t change it.” 

And Tilly replied: "Such a rewarding job.”

Someone else said: “Nothing about working in childcare is easy!

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"Been in childcare since I left school, in my third year of it and it doesn't get easier.” 

Tilly replied: “I left sith form to start an apprenticeship and I’m still there four years later.”

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