I’m a nail whizz and here’s six reasons why your nail varnish always chips – everyone makes the same mistakes | The Sun
17th September 2022

THERE’S nothing more annoying than spending ages painting your nails, only for them to chip just a day later.

While a trip to the nail salon is something that many women love and do on a regular basis, with the cost of living crisis affecting many households across the country, more and more women are having to cut back on the luxuries, including getting their nails done.

But no-one wants their nails to look gross, right?

And chipped nails really are the worst.

But fear not, a nail whizz, with the most enviable nails, has revealed six reasons why your nail varnish always chips.

So if you want your nails to stay looking great for longer, you’ve come to the right place. 

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The social media user ‘lovefreshpaint’, has 74.5k TikTok followers and recently took to the video sharing platform to reveal the common mistakes that many people make when they paint their nails.

The beauty fan uploaded the video with the caption ‘a few ideas to help with chipping.’

She briefly listed the six common errors that many people make regularly.

She said: “Your nails aren’t prepared.

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“You’re not using a good base and top coat.

“Your coats are too thick.

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“You’re not sealing the free edge.

“You didn’t clean up your manicure.

“You’re not using cuticle oil.”

The beauty fan’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 144.7k views. 

It has 3,460 likes, 49 comments and 51 shares.

Many TikTok users were grateful for the tips and others took the opportunity to ask the nail artist for her advice.

One person said: “You're right on all counts”. 

Another added: “Once I started sealing the free edge my nails lasted way longer”. 

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A third commented: “I feel like it’s because my nails are too thin and the layers peel” to which the nail expert said “Make sure you’re using a good jojoba based cuticle oil to combat peeling! And protect them from too much water exposure!” 

Another asked: “What’s a good top coat??” to which the TikTok user replied “My fave is the one from glisten & glow. It’s a small business. One from Target I also like is Ella & Mila In a Rush.”

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