I’m a mum-of-two at 22 – my youngest is four months old and I’m two month pregnant AGAIN by accident
17th March 2022

A MUM-OF-TWO announced last week that she two months pregnant with her third child, just four months after giving birth to her second.

TikToker Corrina, 22, made the announcement to shocked fans and saying that the third baby was unexpected.

She said that she was shocked but excited about the new addition.

Corrina and her finance already have a son Oscar and baby Lilly-may who was just four months old when she found out about the new pregnancy.

With one boy and one girl, Corrina doesn't have a preference for this new addition but did share that she thought it would be a girl.

Her fiance said: "I so cannot wait to be a family of five it’s crazy to say that we are going to be a family off five soon I love you loads and can’t wait to meet this little one too from when we was sixteen to now we have came so far baby."

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Followers were excited for the young couple and their growing family.

One person said: "Congratulations, you make a wonderful mum, and wish you the best with new bubba."


Another said: "Your kids are beautiful and congratulations on the baby on the way."

But some also commented on the speed at which they had had their third child.

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One person said: "Jeez you don't mess about do you."

But Corrina didn't take notice of the comments.

Her fiance wrote on her page her: "So many nosey people on this app it makes me laugh."

To which she replied: "I know it’s terrible they are just jealous."

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