I'm a mum of twins and strangers always say they same thing – it's way too personal
10th April 2022

PEOPLE often can't help themselves when it comes to commenting on cute babies.

But one mum of twins has had enough of strangers saying the same things about her kids – as well as making personal assumptions about her.

Lauren Berty took to TikTok to share a video in which she complained about the constant questions she gets asked when she's out and about with her twins.

The clip starts off friendly enough, with Lauren answering Yes and No respectively to the questions "are they twins?" and "are they identical?".

But the tone changes when Lauren's asked "are they natural?" and "did you get IVF?"

"Looks like you've got your hands full," is another phrase she hears constantly.

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"When I meet a random person asking questions about my twins," she wrote over the clip.

She was quickly inundated with comments from other twin mums, many of whom insisted they knew exactly where she was coming from.

"As a mom of twins I felt this with my soul," one person wrote.

"Person-boy/girl? Me- yep! Person- Are they identical??? Me- NOPE!!! The amount of times I’ve been asked this is insane!!" another added.

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"Hahahaha I always say wait they are triplets did I leave one at home?" someone else commented.

Another comment read: "omg I totally feel this vibe for sure.

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"I have 4 yr old boy girl twins some questions people ask I am amazed … are they identical?"

While somebody else added: "Girl, I have TWO sets of twins. It’s impossible to take them in a store with people stopping us to ask questions."

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