I'm a mum-of-three & ended up homeless – I've turned it around & these tips will help everyone through winter | The Sun
19th October 2022

MANY people are worried about their financial situation as winter looms.

The rising cost of energy bills, inflation on food and petrol, and the overall cost of living crisis in the UK will see many families struggle this winter.

And one mum of three knows exactly what it's like to worry about finances, Euphemia Moore, 39, from Hertfordshire, was left homeless in 2015 after falling into debt.

Speaking to Fabulous, she says she was made homeless while studying for her teacher training course, and then moved into a hostel and was moved about two more times before finally getting a home.

Now, the mum-of-three has managed to get herself out of debt and helps others do the same over on her TikTok channel, She's On A Budget.

Here she speaks to Fabulous and reveals her top tips for budgeting this winter.


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Euphemia is known on TikTok for her eye-pleasing videos of cash stuffing and says you don't need to do this for all of your outgoings, but groceries are a good one to pay in cash.

"Transfer paying for your groceries in cash, even if you don’t cash stuff, when you see how much you’re spending in cash it's harder to give away £120 in cash rather than tapping it on your card," she reveals.

Before even starting a meal plan for the week, the budgeting pro recommends writing a list of everything you have in your cupboards, fridge, and freezer.

She then suggests building a meal plan from this and making a list of any ingredients you need to buy.

Euphemia is a vegetarian already but recommends trying to go for one or two dinners a week that are vegetarian to keep the cost down.

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Save money on fuel by buddying up with another parent for the school runCredit: Alamy

Fuel costs

No matter how much fuel prices go up, you're still going to need to get to work and take your children to school.

But one way you can ensure you save money says Euphemia is again by using cash and setting yourself a budget for petrol costs for a week.


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"Using cash stops you from doing unnecessary journeys, so if you can only put so much on petrol it makes you question if you really need to go to B&M again this week," she explains.

For the school run, the budgeting whizz recommends budding up with other parents in your area and taking turns to drop the kids off at school.


For any big event like Christmas or birthdays, you should always try to plan a budget in advance but that doesn't mean you're too late now.

The budgeting whizz adds: "Break down the amount you want to budget for over the next few weeks.

"If you’re low on money just buy for the kids this year, lots of people are doing Secret Santa for family members and adults this year.

"Share the cost of Christmas dinner among your family and be open about the burden of it."

Whether you all chip in money for the feast or each brink a dish, make sure it doesn't all fall on one person.


Euphemia reveals there are no new tricks to keeping warm without turning the heating on.

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But she reveals there are a few things you can do such as wrapping up in layers and having a blanket to hand.

The budgeting whizz also recommends energy-saving lightbulbs and making sure you turn plug sockets off when you aren't using your electronics.

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