I'm a mum-of-five & coupon for 16 hours a day – I grab anything I can for my monster stockpile even stuff we don’t need
20th May 2022

A MONEY-SAVING mum-of-five has revealed she spends 16 hours a day couponing and grabbing anything in her sight.

With families across the world facing financial hardships, many are looking for ways to save money wherever possible – and one US-based mum certainly knows a thing or two about that.

Appearing on Extreme Couponing, Jane, from Pittsburgh, revealed that trying to save heaps of money, she spends most of her time awake couponing.

Sometimes, the family revealed, the mum would even bag items they don't really need, like pet food – even when there's no dog in the house.

''I have no guilt. Because why?

''Saving with coupons – that's the way to go!''

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The average grocery item goes on sale just four times a year, so extreme couponer Jane won't think twice about clearing a whole self – or two.

''I want what I want – I want it for free,'' said the 54-year-old blogger.

''Nobody's gonna stop me.''

Armed with large shopping trolleys and determination, Jane will enter the store as it is a battlefield.

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To make sure she is never short on money-saving coupons, the mum-of-five has a huge stack of a hundred newspapers delivered to her door every week.

''Each newspaper has an average of $200 (£160) worth of coupons,'' she explained.

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''So that's $20,000 (£16,000) worth of freebies every week – that's fantastic.''

But as great as the steals may be, Jane's obsession has caused a problem – with never-ending piles of products, there is virtually no storage space left.

After struggling to find anywhere where to keep her treasures, the mum was left with no option other than storing her entire $3,000 (£2,400) stockpile in her daughter's bedroom.

''It seems like overnight I have to wake up and look at the grocery store…in my room.''

Showing of her impressive collection, the mum revealed she has over 200 feminine products that she got for free.

''That's four girls for four years – we're set.''

Saving money had always been a priority, but it became even more important to find ways to spend less when her husband lost his job.

''There was a terrible struggle. There was no toilet paper at times, no toothpaste, no toothbrushes.

''Couponing has been the turnaround for everything.''

The mum will even arrive at the shops early to make the most out of her never-ending stacks of coupons – in her eyes, if other people are late and she has already cleared out all the shelves, it's their problem.

And if her kids find something they'd like to try, they better have a coupon – no coupon means no product.

During one shopping trip, what would've cost the mum a whopping $638 (£511) without the coupons, cost her a mere $7 – or just over a fiver.

But whilst her kids might find their mum's obsession with couponing extreme, supportive and understanding viewers shared a different opinion.

''If she can't provide for her family then I don't blame her for what she is doing, though it's unhealthy,'' commented someone.

''Criticizing someone like her is easy for us when our table dinner is always full.''

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A second agreed, writing: ''It's so easy to judge this lady for her choices when you've not tasted poverty and job loss..''

''I see a mother providing for her family. Many good days ma’am,'' another thought.

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