I'm a mum and love wearing skimpy shorts & heels on the school run – cruel trolls say I’m setting my son up for bullying | The Sun
2nd June 2023

A MUM who is often criticised for dressing up for the school-run has hit back at the trolls after being told she's setting her son up for "bullying."

Fashion fan Charlie Hayes, 23, who lives in the UK, often shares her colourful and eccentric outfits online – but while some praise her individuality, others have been quick to offer their unwanted criticism.

The mum-of one most recently took to TikTok wearing a corset-style black top, high-waisted skimpy gold shorts and a pair of tall, heeled black boots.

She can be holding the hand of her son Jasper, who, following in his mum's super stylish footsteps, can be seen rocking a pair of checked trousers and coordinating waistcoat.

He completes his cool outfit with a pair of sunglasses and casual trainers.

Charlie then shares a cruel comment she received from a keyboard warrior: "Your child's going to be get bullied because of you."


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She hits back with the perfect response and urges: "Raise kinder children."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up over 64k views and hundreds of comments, with many insisting that Charlie is bringing up her son the right way.

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"Or how about if my child is bullied it’s because you’ve taught your children to bully."

Charlie replied: "This!!"

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A second noted: "Anyone that looks at a child and thinks someone else is going to bully that child, is also a bully. Weird mentality."

The eccentric mum replied: "You're right – it’s total projection!"

A third enthused: "Your kid will be kind, non judgemental, not afraid to express himself….he will be ready for the world when he is an adult."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "People who say that are usually the ones raising bullies – you're raising your kid just right."

Another penned: "What the people don’t realise who are saying these comments are that they are the bully’s who are grown adults it’s ridiculous!!!"

A further added: "Get bullied for what, having the coolest mum ever?!

"His lucky to have someone like you showing him that he should be himself always."

And one more chimed in: "I think it's cool you're raising your boy like this he is going to be so chill and the world needs more of this."

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