I’m a money-saving mum and here’s how I save £5,000 in a single year and it’s so easy to do | The Sun
4th January 2023

MOST OF us have started the new year with goals to save money.

And one mum has revealed how to save £5,000 this year – and it's so easy to do.

Beth Turbutt-Rogers, a mum-of-two, is known on TikTok as The Budgeting Mum.

The mum regularly shares money-saving tips and how to stick to a budget.

In one such video, Beth revealed how you can save £5,000 over a year, two years, five years, or ten years – depending on how much you can put away each week.

She said: "Money saving made easy – this is a breakdown of how you could save £5,000, whether that’s achievable in a year or 10 it’s for everyone!


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"So start putting a little aside now and watch it build up."

In the video, the mum demonstrated how much money you would have to put away daily, weekly, and monthly to see your savings grow.

To save £5k in the next year, Beth revealed you'd have to put away around £14 a day or £96 a week.

That equates to £416.50 per month.

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To be able to do it in two years, you should put away £7 a day, £48 a week, or £208 a month.

If you feel like you won't be able to save £5,000 over a year or two then Beth has two more options.

She recommended trying to save over five years which means you would put away £3 a day, £19 a week, or £83 a month.

And for those who want to spread the cost out even furth, the mum revealed you can save the amount over ten years by putting away £1 a day, £9.50 a week, or £41.50 a month.

The easy saving tracker will mean you have a nice pot of money in your bank account by the end of the year with minimal effort.

The easy money-saving tip went down well with viewers as the video quickly received over 10,000 likes.

Beth has amassed an impressive 60.3k followers and 655.9k likes on the video-sharing platform, where she often posts her money-saving tips, tricks and hacks.

In another video, the mum shared how you can save £3,339.75 in just one year with her 5p saving challenge.

With Beth’s hack, on the first day of the challenge, you must start by saving 5p.

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Every day, you must save 5p more than the day before, so on day two, you would be saving 10p, on day three you must save 15p and so on and so forth. 

After a year of saving with this 5p challenge, you would have saved a total of £3,339.75 with Beth’s simple but effective idea. 

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