I’m a midsize gym queen – I’m ‘equal parts thick and lean,' people call me ‘perfection’ | The Sun
6th March 2023

A MIDSIZE woman has used a novel way of normalizing her body shape for women like her everywhere.

She has got creative and used her poetic talents to reassure midsize women that they are fine just the way they are.

Emmy (@emmyyberry) is a Los Angeles-based collegiate powerlifter who is very comfortable in her own skin.

In a recent post to her TikTok, she entertained her followers with catchy words about the experience of women with body shapes and sizes like hers.

She shared a series of images of her at the gym, on the beach, lifting weights, and dressed up in formal wear.

Her ode to the midsize woman was thus: “I’m a midsize queen, I’m equal parts thick and equal parts lean."

So far, so relatable. She continued.

“I wouldn’t say I'm plus-size, I wouldn’t say thin, sometimes it feels I didn’t fit in. But’s that ok there’s a space for us."

There's no such thing as normal she suggested: “Sizes 8 to 16 your bodies are gorgeous. If you can’t find clothes that fit you so well, that’s alright, don’t even dwell."

For such a young woman, she had a lot of wisdom to impart: “I’m here to remind you that you are stunning and seen, even if your size might be in-between."

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She finished her celebration of the midsize with a sassy sign-off: “Welcome to the club you badass midsize queen.”

Comments to her post loved her confident attitude.

“Perfection," opined one fun, summing up the views of many

Don't change, said another: “All parts beautiful and bad*ss. Keep being you ok?”

“Absolutely gorgeous," said one breathless follower.

Finally, another viewer said, whatever size she might be, there was nothing wrong with her: “Midsize? Plus-size? Just perfect I think."

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