I’m a McDonald’s mega fan – what you need to ask for to make sure you get the freshest burger in the place every time | The Sun
19th October 2022

ARE you ever left disappointed by a stone cold burger when you open your McDonald's order?

If so, one super fan has shared an easy hack to ensure you always get the freshest, hottest offerings from the fast food eatery.

Dre Pao took to TikTok to share his top tip, beginning his video: "Do you want a guaranteed fresh, warm burger every time you visit McDonalds?

"All you have to do is visit between the hours of 12 and 2pm and 5pm and 7pm and make sure you ask for a receipt.

"This is when McDonald’s employees are told they make get random spot checks, checking for freshness.

"And they know that an inspector always asks for a receipt!"

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"How to get a FRESHLY MADE BURGER," Dre captioned his video.

"Thank you, hope it works," one person commented on the clip.

"This is actually true !!!!!" another added.

"I got a burger at that time and it was great."

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"fresh off the floor facts, I've done it," a third wrote.

But others had different ways to ensure their order was always fresh.

"Just ask for something not to be on there and they have to make a new one because they put the stuff on in advance, not when you order," one wrote.

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"Just say you want it made fresh, I worked there and they have to make it fresh if you ask," another commented.

"Or go at any time of the day and ask for a change (no pickles/extra pickles) Means they make it for you fresh," a third added.

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