'I'm a hot teacher – people think we have to be old and boring, but I love wearing inappropriate outfits' | The Sun
27th October 2022

AN OnlyFans star who claims to be a teacher has revealed the inappropriate outfits she wears to "work".

Misses Cecil, who shared her wardrobe choices on TikTok, says folk assume all educators are "old and boring".

But the 43-year-old insists that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In one video, she poses for the camera whilst showing what she wears to work – and also what’s on underneath it.

But even her ‘work’ clothes – a short leather skirt – would appear to be too skimpy for any educator.

Those in the comments were loving her fashion sense and thought she looked amazing in her underwear.

One person wrote: “You look marvellous.”

Anyone commented: “WOW….you are so BEAUTIFUL.”

While a fellow admirer added: “You look stunning.”

Meanwhile, a woman has told how a male colleague complained about her work attire.

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A TikTok user, who goes by MizMedia, shared the office attire she was told was inappropriate for work.

She explained that she wanted to wear a high-neck slimline dress since the weather was nice.

"The last time I got my legs out in work, someone in the office turned around and told my manager that my outfit was inappropriate," Miz detailed.

The influencer revealed that while she didn't know the person's identity, her manager confirmed it was a man who complained.

"Is it the tattoos? I don’t know but there’s another girl who always gets her legs out. Is she inappropriate? Is it just me?" she asked.

In her video, the TikToker decided to "rile it up" and "choose office violence" with her choice of attire.

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She told her viewers: "My body is not inappropriate just because I have legs."

Miz pointed out that the unidentified man was the one acting inappropriate by looking at her legs in the workplace.

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