I’m a Hooters girl – I make a sneaky adjustment to my uniform when I’m hungover, people say I don’t deserve tips | The Sun
17th January 2023

A HOOTERS girl has given her own twist on the iconic uniform, which she finds to be hangover-friendly.

She showed up to work in an ensemble fit for hitting snooze and people say she should get back into a real Hooters girl outfit.

Rils (@kanesugakiss) is a 21-year-old digital content creator from Texas.

She took to the social media platform to share a day on the job as a Hooters server.

Rils defied expectations by breaking the dress code and wearing a hangover-friendly twist on the iconic Hooters uniform.

"POV: you got the hungover server," read text over the video.

Strutting down a corridor and surrounded by Hooters waitresses, Rils donned a fresh look.

She sported baggy pants paired with her skin-tight Hooters tanktop.

Rils' coworkers looked over in shock as she brazenly bent the strict rules on workplace wear.

"Yes I’m wearing pajamas," she clarified in the caption.

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Several Hooters super fans chimed in on the look in the comment section.

Some were upset by Rils' replacement of the iconic short shorts with baggy sweatpants.

"No shorts no tip," an anonymous viewer commented.

"No name tag no opinion," Rils quipped.

"No shorts no tip facts," another agreed.

Another TikTok user came to Rils' defense despite the hungover look.

"I just didn’t see it in time or I’d definitely have tipped you," the admirer wrote. "Merry Christmas!"

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