I’m a homes pro & there’s three natural methods to keep spiders out of your home that I swear by – and they won’t return | The Sun
5th September 2023

WITH spider season fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to bug proof your home. 

Luckily a property pro has come to the rescue and unveiled three easy home hacks to protect you and your family this summer. 

Social media influencer Chantel Mila demonstrated each of her ideas in turn, as she told her followers: “Say goodbye to bugs + spiders entering your home.”

She then asked: “Which trick will you try first?”

Up first, Chantel, aka @mama_mila_, explained that if you mix one cup of water with some rosemary sprigs, you have your very own DIY spider-proof spray.

Chantel added: “Spray on windows and doors – spiders hate the smell of rosemary, so it repels them from entering your home.”

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As the Aussie woman, who is based in Melbourne, explained, rosemary is a great natural repellent for spiders.

But it’s also not going to cause any major issues with the ambience of your home. 

As Evie Lane, a gardening Expert at Primrose, told Country Living:  “Most spider-deterring plants have a strong odour since aromatic plants are generally more effective at repelling insects – but they still smell great in your home too.”

She later added: “Rosemary is faintly scented for the human nose but releases an intense odour to spiders.”

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This leads nicely onto Chantel’s second tip – this time to stop fruit flies from buzzing around.  

She said: “Pour boiling water down the drain to deter fruit flies and their eggs.”

Again, this has proven effective with many in the past.

An article in Which? recommended the method, as the experts explained: “Flies often lay their eggs in drains. 

“Pour boiling water down the plughole to kill fruit fly eggs and larvae, which can usually survive typical water flow.”

Rosemary is faintly scented for the human nose but releases an intense odour to spiders

They added: “If you're going on holiday, flush through the kitchen sink to remove any residues that might be attractive to fruit flies.”

Finally, Chantel told her 1.3 million TikTok followers that the last thing she’d come to swear by was equally simple. 

She said: “Add orange oil to your mop to repel crawling insects.”

The scented oil is meant to be great at keeping household pests away – and for long periods of time.

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But she added a warning to pet owners, as she encouraged them to “use discretion before using essential oils”. 

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