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22nd September 2023

IT’S something that is in most people’s kitchen cupboards, but when should you be using foil – and when is it best avoided?

Home pro Caroline is on hand to answer that exact question as she’s revealed the five things you should NEVER do with foil.

And homeowners will want to listen up as using foil in these instances risks over damage or even fires.  

But the organising and cleaning pro explained there’s one time you should be reaching for the handy foil – and it’s to clean it in your dishwasher.

Caroline, who is based in New York City,  began her five strong list by discouraging people from using it when they are baking sweet treats.

She explained: “Don’t use aluminum foil to bake cookies. 

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“Use parchment paper instead for a more evenly baked result.”

Similarly, her second point was once again to do with cooking, but this time specifically about using it to line the bottom of your oven.

Caroline said: “To avoid heat damage to your oven, don’t use aluminum foil to line the bottom of it.”

Third on the list was a strict warning, as Caroline continued: Don’t put aluminum foil in the microwave

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She added in her TikTok video posted to her account @neat.caroline: “It could lead to sparks, flames or fires.”

But even when your cooking is all completed, Caroline explained there are still other instances.

If you are a fan of eating leftovers the next day, or food prep, you may well use foil to place on the outside of the food to help preserve it.

However, Caroline maintained that this is equally risky business.

Don’t toss aluminium foil after one use

She said: “If you use aluminum foil to store leftovers, it won’t be as air tight. 

“So try using food storage containers instead.”

And her final piece of advice for her social media followers was to not throw it away straight after you’ve finished using it.

She concluded: “Don’t toss aluminium foil after one use.

“It turns out it can be washed by hand or placed in the top rack of your dishwasher. 


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“Then you can recycle it after enough uses.”

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