I’m a gypsy & work hard to make my caravan parking spot sparkling clean – I even have a product to make it smell nice | The Sun
5th March 2023

A GYPSY WOMAN has revealed how she keeps her caravan parking spot sparkling clean – and even has a product to make it smell nice too.

Shannon Crystal, from the UK, revealed the cleaning routine she uses to ensure the surrounding area of her home stays spotless.

In a recent TikTok video posted to her account, @cheyenne277, she shared the two products she uses to clean.

Shannon has gone viral before for sharing how travellers never use the toilet inside their trailer.

She said: "So I got up nice and early this morning, thought I'd have a 'bleach up' outside."

Shannon grabbed a bottle of bleach and began pouring it over the parking spot before getting a broom to work it in.


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She then hosed down the area and added: "Getting rid of all the dirt and the germs."

The young woman then cleaned her caravan step using the same method.

"And there's me just bleaching off my step because that gets absolutely filthy, I hate this step," she added.

The cleaning whizz then moved on to her trailer where she hosed it down before giving it a quick wipe over with Fairy washing up liquid and hot water.

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The video soon went viral with over 340k views and people were stunned by the lengths she went to clean outside her home.

One person joked: "Don't forget to Fabreeze your garden."

However, Shanon revealed in another video that she does in fact use a product to keep the outside of her home smelling fresh.

She uses the Spanish cleaning product, Asevi 'Elegant' Air Freshener 'Toilet Drops', which she revealed can also be used for your wheelie bins.

But she also found that sprinkling some of the air freshener on her parking spot gives it a fresh smell.

She said: "You just sprinkle it all around outside."

One person commented: "I can’t tell if you’re joking."

"No I’m being serious I actually use this for outside," Shannon confirmed.

People were quick to comment on the videos praising Shannon for her cleaning routine.

One wrote: "Shame more people don’t take this much pride in their homes."

Another person commented: "Looks lovely and fresh."

"Looks lovely and clean. Travellers are the tidiest people I know," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Looks spotless."

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