I'm a gynaecologist – what we actually think when you come for an appointment when you've got your period | The Sun
22nd March 2023

HAVE you ever cancelled an appointment with your gynaecologist because you've got your period?

Well, according to one doctor, they really couldn't care less whether or not it's your time of the month when you go to see them.

Dr. Daoud took to TikTok to share the "10 things your gynaecologist wants you to know", kicking off with "we don’t care about your grooming habits".

Next up, she insisted: "Don’t cancel your appointment because you’re in your period".

"We do not faint at the sight of blood," she added.

She continued her list by encouraging mums-to-be to bring in their concerns to the doctor rather than "printing off a generic birth plan".

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"Do you know what they call people who use the withdrawal method for contraception?" she said.


Dr. Daoud's TikTok then revealed that "you do not need a pelvic exam just because you’re visiting the gynaecologist".

In addition, "you're the boss" if you do have to have a pelvic examination.

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"You have the right to request a chaperone be in the room, you have the right to decline an exam and you have the right to withdraw consent in the middle of the exam as well," she said.

If you use anything to wash yourself down there, you need to get rid of it immediately, Dr. Daoud said – insisting "your vulva only needs water".

"Lastly, don’t be embarrassed to tell us something," she concluded.

"We’ve probably already heard it, or seen it, and it’s not going to surprise us."

"Things I wish I could tell my patients ahead of time," Dr. Daoud captioned her video.

"I’m 25 and have never been to a gyno and this made me feel A LOT better," one person commented on the clip.

"You’re my new favourite doctor," another said.

"At 32 I finally found a doctor I feel comfortable with! don't stop looking for the right doctor either," a third wrote.

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