I’m a gym girl – when I check my glutes in the mirror, girls say I’m ‘body goals’ but men are distracted by my friend | The Sun
20th February 2023

A FITNESS influencer has been well and truly trounced at the gym in her latest post.

She might have an enviable physique, but many of her 240,000 followers were smitten by her rival.

TikToker Hayley’s (@haytayfitness) platform is devoted to achieving the body beautiful.

“I’m here to here to motivate and inspire,” she said.

Usually, it is Hayley, looking tight, toned, and ripped, who is center stage in her videos, posing in a number of brightly colored gym wear,

But in her latest post, she conceded defeat.

She had no choice when her surprise gym visitor was this cute.

In her post, Hayley could be seen checking out her physique in the gym mirror.

She wore tight olive green gym shorts and a red long-sleeved crop top and fitness machines and weights formed the backdrop.

But the familiar scene was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a furry friend.

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Onto the screen, and behind Hayley, walked a gorgeous corgi called Levi.

Oblivious to Hayley’s antics, he made his way for the running machines, before he changed his mind, and made the sensible decision to walk away.

His impromptu appearance has created a corgi-mania, for her post has so far attracted over 228,000 likes.

Comments to her post were far more about the corgi than on Hayley’s body, and it was more men who wanted to see more of Levi.

“We want to meet the corgi,” was typical of many.

“Can you move? This a corgi we want to see,” was the direct request from another.

“The dog got more attention than anything else,” was an accurate comment from one fan.

Repeated by this follower: “The corgi is definitely the star of this video.”

But there were of course many who commented on Hayley’s body: “Body goals,” said one.

“Absolutely incredible. Keep killing it queen,” was the view of this fan.

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We need more gyms like this said one: “I want to go to a gym where there are dogs running around.”

Finally, one fan bemoaned her body: “Why wasn’t I built like this? Instead, I look like the corgi.”

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